Publishing Your Family History On CD

Publishing your family history?

         If you are, and before you go to through the expense and hassle of publishing in print, or book form, you might be interested in a new and exciting way of presenting your family history on interactive CD.

With new multimedia capabilities, I have designed, and combined traditional descendant trees, family group sheets, photos, documents, and even sound and video clips into one format that is easily accessed with the click of a mouse!  No fumbling around folders looking for documents or photos.  All the info on a family or an individual is right there in front of you. All you have to do is point & click! The CD’s I have created are completely self contained, and self-booting, so you install nothing on your hard drive.

  Publishing in book form makes it difficult and expensive to add to your history as it grows. With my system, additions can be made quickly, and  copies can be made and sent to relatives for the cost of blank CD!  In fact, for the past four years I have used this system exclusively to maintain and build my Family History. I can send you a short demo if you email me at the address below. You’ll be amazed at the professional quality and ease of use.

     My personal CD currently has over 80 family pages, and includes my family photo archive. With over 400 pictures there is still  plenty of room to spare, making it possible for all my family to have access to and enjoy our family tree. Yours can too!      If you want to learn more about how I can help you develop your own CD, and view the demo, contact:

To view the demo click here


         Shown here are several  pages from my Family History CD